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                        Wenling chuang yi Pneumatic Tools Co.,Ltd.

                        Company Profile HomeAbout Us
                        Wenling Chuangyi Pneumatic Tools Co., Ltd. is located in a beautiful city known as Taizhou,  Zhejiang. The city has the very convenient transportation, within 5 kilometers there are Yongtaiwen railway, eastern Zhejiang aviation branch, Yongtaiwen Highway, Jiaojiang container terminal, etc. belonging to four hours of traffic Zhejiang circle area.
                        Wenling Chuangyi is a specialized manufacturer and service provider of professional pneumatic tools and pneumatic tools accessories, a major provider of pneumatic tools for plumbing, gas, air conditioning, air compressors, pneumatic pharmaceutical, food, chemical, fire fighting equipment, etc. With a batch of senior technicians specialized in the area of machinery, industrial molding, plastic and metal materials research and development, Chuangyi ensures the perfect quality of ??Made by Chuangyi??.
                        Chuangyi is responsible to handle and coordinate all the different needs of ordering, picking-up, shipping and after-sales services. Chuangyi has a strict process of following up customer??s order request. The products will be shipped to customer??s warehouse in accordance with the delivery date after carefully checking against product name, specifications, quantity and invoices, etc.
                        With a wealth of experiences within the industry and gaining the trust of majority of the customers, Chuangyi has accounted as a major company in the domestic market for producing pneumatic tools. Aiming to provide excellent service with the lower price and high quality to pay back all friends?? continuous support, Chuangyi warmly welcomes the inquiries and calls from friends all over China.
                        Home | Company Profile | Products | Order online | Contact us | Chinese

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